A man holding suicide rope! Perhaps contemplating suicide

“At least there is hope for a tree: If it is cut down, it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail” JOB 14:7

The recent cases of suicide are so saddening. As I read the story of Mwiriki, tones of tears were vibrating inside my eye lids. This prompted me to ask myself philosophical questions. What’s the meaning of life? What’s the greatest pain pain a human heart can bear? Does one has a breaking point? The point when you cannot hold anything anymore? The point at which all hope is lost and life lacks meaning anymore? How different are we when it comes to handling depression? I yearn for answers to these questions!

Life is bitter sweet. The dynamism of life can’t guarantee one of living a happy life everyday. There will be ups and downs at one point or another point in life. Just like we have the four seasons, life come with it’s own seasons. The presence of winter doesn’t mean that summer Won’t come. You may lose all that kept you moving but remember plants lose their leaves in autumn; they are left looking dry and hopeless but as the onset of spring approaches, hope start manifesting itself. The seemingly dry and feeble plants sprout and blossom in the spring. Their branches turns green showing presence of life. Life will always present to us these seasons but it’s upon us to understand each season. Have a positive perspective that each season has it own flows and it’s own good. The autumn prepares the trees for a blossoming season approaching. Pick the goodness of each season and discard the toxic elements.

The storms of today Won’t have a perpetual lasting. A storm precedes sunshine after all. Life has become unfathomable nowadays. You wake up happy and vibrant, in the course of the day, life turns sour all over a sudden. Frustrations from unfulfilled expectations, heart breaks, sickness, financial difficulties, career disillusionment, academic failure and other life’s challenges are the catalysts of these depressions experienced by people. Frustrations develops gradually into stress and ultimately, into depression. Depression is the final stage where things get out of your hand. You have little control over your decisions and actions at this stage. It’s the stage that one feels life is vague! Life has no meaning anymore and one opt to take away his/her life!

I reminisce once during my tender age threatening my mother that I would hang myself after I was beaten. Hitherto, I can’t tell if I was serious neither can I tell the feelings that precipitated such evil thoughts. I don’t know at which point that pain in life become so unbearable that you opt to take your life! I can’t understand the magnitude of strength and courage it takes to take a rope and hang yourself. Death is sacred. People fear death even in their dreams. So when one reaches a decision to take away his/her life, things must have been so overwhelming. It’s at the point when one is broken emotionally, spiritually and physically that one opt for death because they cannot bear it anymore. One thing I’m certain of, there’s one thing that can change the perception of life to a person who has totally given up-LOVE. A person about to commit suicide needs to be shown love and assured that despite his/her predicaments, there’s somebody who loves him/her.

Let change our lifestyle. We’re living during ruthless times. Nobody cares about the welfare of others apart from utter pretense! Our friends are suffering secretly while we’re busy critizing their actions. We wait until someone dies then we start sympathising with the family members. People are always willing to contribute any amount of money towards their burial while we never speared even a moment to give them emotional support while they suffered. Just a word of solace and love can save a life of your friend.

Talk to people. Ask them how they are fairing. Show those suffering emotionally love. Change their perception of life. Tell them that storms don’t last forever. Give them a meaning of existence. Lead them to the path of spirituality. Tell them that death doesn’t solve problems but rather creates more. God created us all with a purpose. His plan is not to die prematurely but to fulfill our purpose in life. Show them that trials and tribulations are part of fulfilling that purpose; same Jesus was tortured just to fulfill the will of His Heavenly Father. In a nutshell, let stop our hypocrisy of crying and sympathising with people while somebody is already dead. Check on your friends regularly and help those battling stress and and depression.

  • Be a source of new hope to someone who has lost all the hope.
  • Be a waterer of a cut tree stump that it may sprout again!
  • Be a counselor to the depressed Let your presence be their turning point
  • From breaking point
  • To a blossoming new heart

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The art of forgiveness

Fireworks marking new year celebration in various parts of the world.

Fireworks marking precedented celebrations to welcome new year dominated the night. Yes! Most people ushered the new year in unmatched joviality and happiness. It has always been usual and it will always be so. People usher a new year with great expectations, rejuvenated mood and hilarious resolutions. All these have become more of a norm rather than an exception. I say this because majority tend to forget or rather give up on all the resolutions they had faster than it’s imaginable.

But why?

Before I indulge deeper into new year, let me take a reflection into 2018 because that is what my post is about. Despite the happiness, cheers and joviality that welcomed the new year, most people are burdened. They are carrying the heavy loads of frustrations from 2018. We simply fake happiness because we have perfected the art of masking things.

The greatest source of frustration as a new year begins is the art of unforgiveness. As you associate with people throughout the year, there’s a tendency that you’ll be wronged severally. It’s normal. It’s the human nature! Friends and relatives will fail you, perhaps betray you where you least expected. These wrongs range from sour relationships, unkept promises, mistrust, personal misunderstandings among a myriad of others.

Only few individuals possess the virtue of forgiveness. Majority of us tend to carry the anger and resentment of wrong things done to us. The resentment steals your happiness. Every moment you think of whoever wronged you tend to feel distressed and angered. This anger haunt you and prevents you from focusing more your future. You rather become servile to your past. Your new resolutions are imprisoned into the past. That’s how people find themselves at the end of the year with unfulfilled resolutions, hopeless and frustrated. The vicious cycle of resentment begins again. The more you hold unto it, the more damaged you get!

A famous quote by Nelson Mandela, an exemplary leader who forgave his detainers after leaving prison.

I know forgiving someone is not easy. But not forgiving someone also will affect you more than him/her. Carrying grudges is a toxic habit that kills your personality slowly. You better learn how to forgive others despite how much they wronged you. Forgiveness makes you free from anger and resentment and ultimately making you happy. On the flip side, it makes the person who wronged you judge him/herself, probably feel offended and sorry.

People think forgiveness is an act of weakness. It’s not. Actually it’s a sign of maturity and responsibility. It’s a virtue for strong people. People who can accept the fact that things are not right but life should continue as normal. People who can forget the past and focus on the future without grudges.

Learn to develop the art of forgiveness. Forgive and if possible forget. Let not the past imprison your future. The fact that someone betrayed should not justify your paranoia towards others. It’s irrational and harmful. The Caucasians says that it’s easy to trust a stranger because he hasn’t deceived you. Yes, it’s absolute truth. But, what if you trust him and he deceives you?? Will you hate yourself for falling a victim? Will you never trust someone else again because somebody else betrayed you in the past? That’s the power of forgiveness. You build your trust towards others despite the past betrayal. After all, not all people will always deceive you or wrong you. Maybe some wrong you unconsciously and therefore by forgiving them, you give them a chance to reflect on their mistakes and rectify.

Having resentment is like being chained on your hands

Keep away from the chains of resentment by developing the art of forgiving others.

Meanwhile, let me not preach water and drink wine. If I wronged you this year, I sincerely ask for forgiveness. Whoever who wronged me, I forgive you and life move on smoothly.

Otherwise, I wish everybody reading this post a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019. May It be an auspicious year decorated with prosperity. May God shower you with perpetual blessings. May it be a year of career breakthrough. Just do your best and trust God to fulfill your expectations.

Thank you for your support by being part of this journey I’m undertaking. Positive criticism is much welcome because out of it, I’ll perfect my art. Please read, like, comment,share and follow the blog via your email to get alert on new posts.

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Featured-Wooden signpost with two opposite arrows over green leaves background. NEGATIVITY versus POSITIVITY directional signs, Choice concept image — Photo by stanciuc1

Everybody has dreams, ambitions and aspirations in life. Aspirations to be successful and prosperous. Aspirations to live a happy life; a fulfilling life. Aspirations for self actualization and redemption from alleys of poverty. Who aspires to live a disillusioned life?? Hopelessness? Abject poverty? Yes! Nobody. Even pessimists have aspirations. Not of doom but of light. They have hope and expectations of positive things but seek refuge from presumably expected frustrations in their pessimistic belief.

Beyond all our aspirations and dreams, there are obstacles we must conquer to actualize these dreams. The most toxic obstacle you will always encounter is negativity. Negative is term that has bad connotations apart from medical jargon. You are HIV positive! I bet that’s the moment you realize the opposite of term negative is a nightmare. A horror particularly. But, that’s an exceptional case! Negativity is a worse disease than HIV. It’s toxic. It toment the mind and kills the dreams. It breaks the brave and captures the strong. It dilutes vehemence into laziness. It converts optimists into pessimists. It’s a killer


Then where does negativity creeps from into our lives? Well, there are many sources but majorly, it’s projected by people around us. By people I mean friends and relatives. Have you ever sat down and analyzed the kind of people you interact with? The value they add in your life? What impact do they have towards you goals on life? These are core questions that you should always question yourself. They should help you to choose the kind of people you interact and share your ideas with. There’s a famous saying that says “you are the sum total of you friends’ character.” Yes! I agree in totality. The people around determine your course. Your dreams and aspirations are not independent of environment you live in.

This leads me to talk about a category of people who always exist in our vicinity. They are always there as relatives or friends. These are people who are always NEGATIVE towards everything. They are frustrated creatures who believe in doom. They are killers of dreams. I happen to have come across a bunch of them. These are people who will critique all you decisions and moves. They see everything from a depression angle or rather negative perspective.

These are people who will be the first to advise you where they themselves failed. They are always there to discourage you from partaking any project. They will show all the difficulties that will accompany whatever you want to do. They actually support their arguments with logical facts and seemingly real case examples. Their great power lies in their persistence. These people are venomous. They have misled and killed the dreams of many people.

Learn to avoid negative people in your life. It’s better to lose a bunch of friends than kill your dreams. If it’s education, focus on it. Don’t listen to those mongrels telling you that education is useless nowadays. That’s according to them and you are not them. When you listen to them, they feed you with negative attitude. Negative attitude transforms into the fear of the unknown. The fear of failure. The fear that will never let you risk and pursue your worth. Don’t let negative vibrations suppress your vision.

It’s very painful to wake up in the morning full of energy and ideas but by sunset you are broken and hopeless. Your enthusiasm will have died within the course of the day as a result of interaction with negative people. They convert your vigour into stress and hopelessness.

It’s better to walk alone than walk with negative people. How happy is to associate with people who have same vision with you!

If you want to fly with eagles, don’t train with hens.

Lifestyle in disguise

Those who are ardent addicts of social media, particularly twitter, know what happened to koki kihara recently . She was trolled for and maimed under the hash tag #kokikihara challange. What a humiliating experience! She was mocked simply because of her fake lifestyle or rather fake personality she wanted her audience to perceive. Ironically, those trolling her are her replica. They live the same kind of life. Fortunately majority have never been bursted like koki simply because they do it on a lesser magnitude or perhaps they have perfected the art of masking their ideal personality to project a factious one-the one they desire.
Many questions arise. Why disown self and live a life of somebody else? This has always been a question of interest to me. I have yearned to fathom the reasons perpetuating self denial; the real self. Somebody living a life probably he/she desire but he/she is not capable. This must be serious disease in town yet to be discovered. It’s cancerous! It kills your personality and by the time you realise, it’s beyond repair.
A quick glance over various profile on social media platforms will reveal controversial bio data. Most individuals, for instance live in Nairabi and have gone to particular university. This is contrary on the flip side of life. Most of them have never breathed the air (pathetic oduor) around the capital nor seen the door of a university lecture hall. Somebody must have lied to the masses. Building a reputable name and an appealing profile on social media doesn’t mean you must be a graduate of a particular university. After all, even the academic achievement is not a parameter for success in life. I understand the prestige that comes with living in a country’s capital especially to those who had never had a chance to taste the nasty life there. The hustle and bustle of the masses there; the pathetic streets with all kind of rot, the daily terrors of encountering riots and idle lads ready to snatch anything valuable on their sight. Life is simply a turmoil in capitals! Not unless you are a first class citizen which is rare. The power of connections rule there!

Back to my disturbing questions. Why such kind of lifestyle? Is it due to western civilization? A desire for good life? Solitude? Disillusionment?. It may be one or a hybrid of various factors. We live in a country where fake is a central term in our daily vocabulary. Go shopping anywhere and you will always be presented with two commodities with varying prices. Be inquisitive and the answer is obvious; one is original and the other is fake. A typical shop attendant will recommend the fake one, leave alone our irresistible desire for cheap things. This dual kind of existence is what has encroached even into our lifestyles. It’s an era of dual lifestyles; the real lifestyle and the social media lifestyle.
Recently, a sarcastic joke pops up my whatsapp messenger. “madem wengi hawataingia mbinguni juu sura yao haifanani na yenye iko kwa Angel Gabriel’s laptop.” What a sarcastic joke! The white man fed our minds with bullshit like a white skin man is superior than a black man. Our blackness becomes our weakness and this prompts ladies to go for bleaching creams. The first effect of bleaching will be low self esteem. You can lie to your skin that you are light skin but not your heart. Everytime you be the talk of town. You will receive all kind of mockery and insults. Too unfortunate if you are light hearted also because you can’t escape the claws of depression.
I’m not a social conservative nor a sociopath but there are limitations in everything that we do. Social media is not the platform to update all your moves unless you are an artist. Social media has lately became the cause number of family break ups, sour relationships, career retardation and even missing job opportunities. It’s has turned into the hub of hypocrisy. People singing melodies of how happy they are, how much they love their parents, how religious they are while in reality they languishing in a pool of problems. False life. Fake ideologies and pretense. Controversial biographies on social media will always lower your dignity when the truth pops up.
People should embrace the reality. Accept the real you. If you are broke accept hauna kakitu and work your way out. If you are emotionally sick work your way our rather than exposing your problems on social media. If you are sick, go to hospital rather than advertising it on social media. If you heartbroken, go seek God to guide you and give you peace of mind. People will only sympathise with you but deep in their heart they will be laughing at you. We have perfected the art of dual lives remember! Be you. Avoid inconsistencies between the real you and the social media you.

Life stories


1. Once upon a time I met a man who told me that telling the truth and making someone cry, is better than telling a lie and making someone smile and happy.

2. He said to me your true friends are those who will never avoid you just because they have met new friends.

3. As he kept on speaking to me, he said If some people do not appreciate and value my presence, I should work hard to make make them value and appreciate my absence.

4. He said I must not be angry with anyone who is quiet on me because there must be a reason why they are quiet, and that I will get to know the reason later.

5. He told me it is always better to be a blessing to others at all times than to be a burden at all times.

6. He said I must learn to forgive others not because they deserve it but because I deserve the peace that comes with forgiveness.

7. I must know that everyone deserves a second chance and many more chances if they ask for forgiveness, but I must not loose my guard over their intentions.

8. I must not only talk to people in my free time, but I must free my time to talk to people.

9. I must know that the truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie will hurt for a long time.

10. I must learn to value and respect people who tell you the Truth no matter how painful the truth is.

11. *I must make my decisions when I am in the right mood, not when I am angry, likewise I must not make promises when I am excited with high emotions.*

12. I must know that some people are like candles that burn themselves to give light to others. I should not have regrets if I happen to be one of such candles.

13. I must learn to be a caring friend because it is a thousand times better than a careless lover.

14. I should value and protect my relationships of many years of investments because they are like a book that takes years to write but can get burnt only within few seconds.

15. *He specifically said this repeatedly that If have a problem with someone, I should go tell the person and not go tell the world.*

16. He said to me that I should know that nobody is too busy, it is just a matter of their priorities within a day.

17. He said to me that people can trust you when you are consistent with what you say and what you do.

18. *He said with a low voice, only God can be totally trusted. Trust God 100%.*

19. *He then said no matter what, I must not forget those who helped and stood by me in my time of trials and during my difficult times.*

20. I must always remember those who turned their backs on me in my difficult times of trials. Not for vengeance, but for the lesson of life.

21. I must be careful with those who put me into difficult times but I must never hate them. It is a lesson of life.

22. He said again I must be grateful at all times to God for this life and for living. It is a privilege and not a right.

23. As he was leaving me, he said, always remember how temporary this world is, I must always be conscious of the reality of eternity with God in heaven or with Satan in hell fire.

24. He smiled and left waving me for a long time. Who must this man be?

25. What he told me may be useful to you, if it is, then share it.

God bless you more as you meditate upon these words from the unknown man.

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